Academische Studies over Deuterium Depletion

Een overzicht van academische studies over Deuterium Depletion (DDW):

    ▪    Neuroprotective Effects of Deuterium‑Depleted Water (DDW) Against H2O2‑Induced Oxidative Stress in Differentiated PC12 Cells Through the 
         PI3K/Akt Signaling Pathway ~ Yongfu Wu, Dongyun Qin, Huiling Yang, Wenya Wang, Jifei Xiao, Le Zhou, and Hui Fu

    ▪    Anti-inflammatory Effects of Deuterium-Depleted Water Plus Rosa Damascena Mill. Essential Oil Via Cyclooxygenase-2 Pathway in Rats ~ Faezeh  
         FATEMI, Abbas GOLBODAGH, Reza HOJIHOSSEINI, Abolfazl DADKHAH, Kambiz AKBARZADEH, Salome DINI, Mohammad Reza Mohammadi MALAYERI

    ▪    Anticancer Effect of Deuterium Depleted Water – Redox Disbalance Leads to Oxidative Stress ~ Xuepei Zhang, Massimiliano Gaetani, Alexey  
         Chernobrovkin, Roman A. Zubarev

    ▪    Deuterium Depleted Water Inhibits the Proliferation of Human MCF7 Breast Cancer Cell Lines by Inducing Cell Cycle Arrest ~ Kamal Yavari, Lida

    ▪    Deuterium-DepletedWater as Adjuvant Therapeutic Agent for Treatment of Diet-Induced Obesity in Rats ~ Tetiana Halenova, Igor Zlatskiy, Anton
         Syroeshkin, Tatiana Maximova, and Tatiana Pleteneva

    ▪    Influence of Deuterium-Depleted Water on the Isotope D/H Composition of Liver Tissue and Morphological Development of Rats at Different 
         Periods of Ontogenesis ~ Alexandr Alexandrovich Basov, Аnna Anatolyevna Elkina, Andrei Alexandrovich Samkov, Nikita Nikolaevich Volchenko, Arcadii
         Victorovich Moiseev, Liliya Viacheslavovna Fedulova, Mikhail Gennadievich Baryshev and Stepan Sergeevich Dzhimak

    ▪    Deuterium-DepletedWater Influence on the Isotope 2H/1H Regulation in Body and Individual Adaptation ~ Alexander Basov, Liliia Fedulova, Mikhail
         Baryshev, and Stepan Dzhimak|

    ▪    In Vitro Study of Deuterium Effect on Biological Properties of Human Cultured Adipose-Derived Stem Cells ~ Alona Zlatska, Inna Gordiienko, Roman
         Vasyliev, Dmitriy Zubov, Olga Gubar, Anzhela Rodnichenko, Anton Syroeshkin, and Igor Zlatskiy

    ▪    Is it Possible to Prepare Deuterium Depleted Water at Home? ~ Burcin Alev Tuzuner, Aysen Yarat

    ▪    Effect of Deutrium-Depleted Water on Normal Human Skin Cells in culture and 3D Skin Equivalent ~ ShanShan JIANG, Hui LI, DanDan JIANG,
         FengSong CONG, Morgan DOS SANTOS

    ▪    Decreasing of Deuterium Concentration of Water: A Possible Tool in Diabetes Therapy ~ Kamal Yavari, Mehrdad Gholamali, Fatemeh Yazdian

    ▪    Effect of Deuterium-Depleted Water on Selected Cardiometabolic Parameters in Fructose-Treated Rats ~ R. REHAKOVA, J. KLIMENTOVA, M.

    ▪    Heavy Water as Medium for Living Organisms ~ Oleg Mosin, Ignat Ignatov

    ▪    Studying the Influence of Heavy and Deuterium Depleted Types of Water on Biological Objects ~ Oleg Mosin, Ignat Ignatov

    ▪    Submolecular Regulation of Cell Transformation by Deuterium Depleting Water Exchange Reactions in The Tricarboxylic Acid Substrate Cycle 
         ~ László G. Boros, Dominic P. D’Agostino, Howard E. Katz, Justine P. Roth, Emmanuelle J. Meuillet, Gábor Somlyai.

    ▪    Deuterium Content of Water Increases Depression Susceptibility: The Potential Role of a Serotonin-Related Mechanism ~ Tatyana Strekalovaa,
         Matthew Evans, Anton Chernopiatko, Yvonne Couch, João Costa-Nunes, Raymond Cespuglio, Lesley Chesson, Julie Vignisse, Harry W. Steinbusch,
         Daniel C. Anthony, Igor Pomytkin, Klaus-Peter Lesch

    ▪    The Isotopic Effects of Deuterium on Biological Objects ~ Oleg Mosin, Ignat Ignatov

    ▪    Isotope Purification of Drinking Water from Heavy Isotopes-Deuterium, Tritium and Oxygen (18O) ~ O. Mosin, I. Ignatov

▪    Mountain Water as a Factor of Human Longevity. Local Exremum at 8.95 μm in Spectrum of Water as Indicator for Health and Longevity ~ Ignat
     Ignatov, Oleg Mosin, Borislav Velikov

    ▪    Isotopic Effects of Low Concentration of Deuterium in Water on Biological Systems ~ A. A. Kirkina, V. I. Lobyshev, O. D. Lopina, Yu. K. Doronin, T. N.
         Burdeinaya, and A. S. Chernopyatko

    ▪    Influence of Isotopic Composition of Water with Varrying Deuterium Content In Composition With Mountain Water of Bulgaria on Human Longevity
         ~ Ignat Ignatov, Oleg Mosin, Borislav Velikov, Enrico Bauer

    ▪    Changes of Oxidation During Use The Food Diet With Deuterium Depleted Water in Laboratory Animals With Purulent Inflammation ~ Oxana
         Artsybasheva, Ekaterina Barysheva, Denis Shashkov, Roman Vlasov, Elena Tekutskaya

    ▪    Revealing Water’s Secrets: Deuterium Depleted Water ~ Vladyslav V Goncharuk, Alina A Kavitskaya, Iryna Yu Romanyukina and Oleksandr A Lobod

    ▪    Deuterium Depletion May Delay the Progression of Prostate Cancer ~ András Kovács, Imre Guller, Krisztina Krempels, Ildikó Somlyai, István Jánosi,
         Zoltán Gyöngyi, István Szabó, István Ember, Gábor Somlyai

    ▪    The Radioprotective Effect of Deuterium Depleted Water and Polyphenols ~ Corneanu Mihaela, Constantin Craciun, Ioan Stefanescu

    ▪    Deuterium-Depleted Water Inhibits Human Lung Carcinoma Cell Growth by Apoptosis ~ Feng-song Cong, Ya-ru Zhang, Hong-cai Sheng, Zong-hua
         Ao, Su-yi Zhang and Ju-Yong Wang

    ▪    The Influence of Deuterium Depleted Water on the Hematocrit and the Leukocyte Formula in Rats Intoxicated With Chromium ~ Liliana Cărpinişan,
          Mihaela Doina Petcu, Snejana Petrovici, Codruţa Chiş, Alina Ghişe, Rodica Zehan

    ▪    Relationship between Natural Concentration of Heavy Water Isotopologs and Rate of H2O2 Generation by Mitochondria ~ I. A. Pomytkin and O. E.

    ▪    Deuterium Depletion in Blood, Blood Plasma and Neoplasm Tissue From Patients. Diagnosis and Treatment Implication. ~ P. Berdea, Stela Cuna, M.  
         Cazacu, M. Tudose

    ▪    Deuterium Variation of Human Blood Serum ~ P. BERDEA, STELA CUNA, M.CAZACU, M.TUDOSE

    ▪    Pharmacological Uses and Perspectives of Heavy Water and Deuterated Compounds ~ D.J. Kushner, Alison Baker, and T.G. Dunstall

    ▪    Research Concerning The Radioprotective and Immununostimulating Effects of Deuterium- Depleted Water ~ W. BiLD, I. STEFANESCU, I. HAULICA,

    ▪    Deuterons Cannot Replace Protons in Active Transport Processes in Yeast~ Arnost Kotyk, Milada Dvorakova and Jiri Koryta

▪    Harold Urey and The Discovery of Deutrium ~ Ferdinand G. Brickwedde

    ▪    Oats May Grow Better in Water Depleted in Oxygen 18 and Deuterium ~ Jim D. Gleason, Irving Friedman

    ▪    The Effect of Deuterium on The Growth of Yeast ~ Oscar W.Richard

    ▪    The Biology of Heavy Water ~ Gilbert N.Lewis

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